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Advances in Artificial intelligence and machine learning creates a great opportunity to start innovating in your organisation. Prediction, automation, Natural language processing make brand new applications which improve organisations and products possible. We are your AI-partner developing your customised AI-solutions end to end.


What can AI do in your business?

Our focus is to create great applications with AI for our clients. We have the experience and skills required to roll out complete AI solutions for businesses in different industries. We also provide workshops and training for your organisation.

Insights and prediction

Get the most value from your data. AI and Machine learning can give you new insights about your company and predict future events. External data sources can also add a new perspective on your data.

Automation and NLP

Automate your workflows with AI. Natural Language processing is becoming a powerful tool to automate tasks and process text input to get new insights from sources that were not available before.

Image and sound

There have been great advances in the field of Image and sound analysis the recent years. Image and sound analysis can be used in innovative applications or increase efficiency or measure quality in processes.

Data management

Data is the key and how the data is made available to applications from all parts of the organisation is essential. Modern architecture for data management opens up for fast and reliable applications.

Workshops and training

Build AI-competence in your team. We provide training in AI-development for developers and IT-management. We can also hold workshops to define new applications and set your AI strategy.


Data infrastructure and well built systems are key to provide reliable AI-solutions. We have experienced developers and data architects to build an deploy complete solutions.

Some examples of what we do

We work with a wide range of clients in different industries. Today we work with applications within retail, industry, security and finance.

Industry IoT

System for optimizing factory resources. Architecture and implementation of cloud-based storage for IoT-data from production systems.

Product Development

Advisor and architecture in a product development project. Specification solution with hw, sw and cloud. For consumer market.

Traffic analysis

Retrieving characteristics from video of road traffic for further analysis in traffic simulator. The system uses video analysis to estimate direction and speed.

Lets get started

AI, machine learning and data is fun! We are a team of passionate AI-experts and developers. Our team includes Data scientists, data engineers, backend developers and IoT experts, everything needed to make great AI applications.

We look forward to get in touch and hear about your business!


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