Case: AI Pipe Inspection

Functioning sewer pipes are highly important for a community to function properly. Furthermore inspecting these pipes are a fundamental part of ensuring clean drinking water. Learn how Mindified helped expedite the process of pipe inspection, using AI.

Machine Learning, Explained

Machine Learning is the algorithm that started a new golden age of AI. It allowed advances in all kinds of industries such as medicine, transportation, and information, but what is it?

Case: Insights for customer support using AI

For global companies getting insight into why customers contact you, helps drive vital decision-making. Mindified used AI to help one of the world’s most recognized brands achieve this.

What can AI do for me?

A tool is only as capable as the person who wields it, so now that there’s access to AI, what can it do for us? What are some common use-cases? What can AI do for me?

What is AI?

The word AI seems to be popping up more and more, but what does it really mean? What is AI? What is Machine Learning?